1. General information: infection of membrane covering anterior surface of eye globe and inner surface of eyelid due to multiple causes (bacterial, viral, allergic)
  2. Medical management: ophthalmic antibiotics, steroids, anesthetics
  3. Assessment findings: weeping eye, reddened conjunctiva, sensitivity to light, eyelid stuck shut with exudate
  4. Nursing interventions
    1. Administer medications as ordered: apply ophthalmic antibiotic ointments from inner to outer canthus (do not let container touch eye).
    2. Provide client teaching and discharge planning concerning measures to prevent spread of infection
      1. Very contagious if bacterial or viral; no school until antibiotics have been taken for 24-48 hours
      2. Should not share pillows, tissues, toys
      3. Good hand-washing technique
      4. Medication regimen: schedule, dosage, desired and side effects