New Nursing Jobs Dwindles but Nurses are Now Paid More than Before

While reading along for new nursing jobs that may help our Filipino nurses find one, I stumble upon a very interesting news online.  Read this Pinoy nurses and maybe you will salivate on the prospects of getting to the US again.
According to the most recent data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the averageregistered nurse (RN) salary is $66,530 in the United States. Despite the fact that the economy today is worse than it was during that same time period, this is $7,000 higher than the average nursing salary five years ago .
This is good news for those interested in healthcare professions as it shows thathealthcare is fairly recession proof although the demand for nurses really seems to plateau lately.  While the bad economy in the US seems to have affected the majority of professions, other medical fields, aside from nursing, are also doing well.
The average Physician Assistants salary is $84,830; Pharmacists are making $106,630. There are many more average medical salaries you can check on the US Bureau of Labor website. In addition to the above average salaries, the medical industry is expected to increase an estimated 22 percent over the next 7 years, which would be about 600,000 new jobs including nurses. This number can increase significantly if the economy rebounds sooner than expected.
In general registered nursing seems to be one of the more popular professions people are choosing these days but medical assisting and medical billing also pay well and are in demand. Most of the hiring today and in the future is expected to come from private medical practices rather than public hospitals.
Healthcare is clearly a field that will always need servicing no matter what the economic situation.  Nurses and Doctors will always be needed worldwide.   However, nursing jobvacancies are not yet available in the US.  But according to this report, there is some light in the horizon.  The economic factors need to align to such conditions to prepare our newPinoy nurses for better jobs and better pays.  Let’s wait for Obama to turn things around.  Maybe or maybe not.  Who knows?
Hope you like this update. Till next time.