injection practice

from jaxia

As I put on my lab coat this morning, I realized how much I had missed wearing it. Nursing school started up again on Monday, and today was our orientation to our pediatrics hospital. After my pediatric rotation, I’ll go through obstetrics and finish up with a bit of medical/surgical.

Rotations will take me to two different hospitals this semester. While it will be nice to see how different hospitals handle things, it will be a little nerve-wracking to move to a new hospital about the time I figure out where everything is at the first one! One thing’s for sure — being a nursing student teaches you to go with the flow :)

During skills lab this week, we started on injections. My goal is to learn to do my intradermal injections better than the guy who gave me my PPD test — I have a nasty bruise on my forearm. I think I’m going to buy a couple of chicken breasts and practice over the holiday weekend. Someone also said that hotdogs are good for practicing injections. How do you practice your injections?